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Welcome to Biology CRO informational resource for life science and pharmaceutical researchers.

This website provides a list of contract research organizations (CRO) that offer various pharmacology and biotechnology laboratory services to scientists worldwide. Please contact us at webmaster@biologyservices.com

Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory Services (Company):

DNA Sequencing Services (Cofactor Genomics)

Xenograft, Invivo toxicology service (IND), biodistribution, RNAi studies (Altogen Labs)

Genome analysis services (Celera)

Protein production and purification (Paragon Bioservices)

Bioremediation Products and Services (Soil Bioremediation Inc)

Histology and mRNA arrays CRO services (GE Healthcare Life Sciences)

Microorganism (bacteria) identification service (16S Sequencing)

Microarray consulting (Arrayit Corp)

Microarray design and CRO services (GE Healthcare)

In Vivo RNA Interference (RNAi) services (Altogen Services)

Custom and modified oligo synthesis (Biosearch Technologies)

Protein microarray processing (Amersham)

Transfection products and services (Cell-Transfection Inc)

Real-time qRT-PCR validation of gene silencing (Applied Biosystems)

siRNA transfection resource (siRNA Transfection)

Liposome formulation and liposomal encapsulation (Liposome Services)

Bacterial strain construction (Wiki)

Vector construction and modification (Origene Inc)

Stable cell line development, generation of protein overexpression and RNAi knockdown cell lines (Altogen Biosystems)

ATP Contamination testing (Wiki)

cDNA normalization, Competent cells, Custom Reporter gene assay (Promega)

Endotoxin testing (Charles River Laboratories)

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