Bioinformatics Services

Contract research organizations (CROs), such as Altogen Labs CRO, offer comprehensive functional genomics laboratory services. Such laboratory services often depends on bioinformatic analysis of the data. As further development of functional genomics applications and associated laboratory services a number of bioinformatics software applications were developed for gene and genome sequencing applications, genetic and genomic data analysis, high through data analysis, whole-genome library screening experiments, etc. For example, Sanger sequencing has been utilized for conventional sequencing applications as well as to evaluate positive RNAi screening results, while the microarray hybridization assays are commonly used as a means of evaluating large expression data sets and negative selection screens. These methods are relatively costly and time consuming, therefore an alternative Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) has been recently developed. Using massive parallel sequencing provide advantage both in terms of range and input library flexibility, as well as scaling up applications.

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