siRNA Transfection

Research Services

List of companies providing Biotechnology Research Services:

Invivo preclinical CRO services: xenograft (mouse, rat), tox study for IND (Altogen Labs)

Microarray design, printing, processing (Amersham / GE Healthcare)

mRNA and protein microarray and ELISA services (Arrayit Corp)

Cell bank services (Cryopreservation and Cell Banking Services: MCB and WCB)

Stable cell line generation and RNAi Services (Altogen Biosystems)

microRNA expression array services (Asuragen)

DNA and RNA oligonucleotide synthesis and purification (Biosearch Technologies)

Site-directed mutagenesis (Mutagenesis)

In vitro & in vivo transfection (Cell-Transfection)

Viral constructs engineering and virus particle generation (Vector Biolabs)

ELISA assay development, tissue culture and CRO services (ELISA Development)

In Vivo and In Vitro Transfection Products and Services (Altogen)

Drug characterization and pharmaceutical services (Exiqon)

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