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List of companies providing RNAi Services:

RNAi CRO Services by Altogen Labs – Link

Biology resource, transfection methods and RNAi protocols – Link

Stable RNAi cell line development services – Link

siRNA transfection – Link

In vivo RNAi transfection products and services – Link

Vector Biolabs – Link

Exiqon – Link

RNAi contract research organizations perform a loss of function screens against entire genomes using siRNA libraries in order to pinpoint and select those gene functions that are necessary for certain cellular phenotype (apoptosis, cell viability, proliferation, cell cycle arrest, etc). Some companies provide full spectrum of RNAi services, e.g. Altogen Labs RNAi services. There are variations between different cell lines in gene expression patterns, signaling pathways and regulatory genes, therefore it is often necessary to utilize multiple cell lines for identification of set of essential genes that are related to a specific cellular function.

Transfection efficiency of the cell line (or also known as delivery efficiency) is a crucial aspect of a loss of function screening experiments as it is important to transfect significant number of cells (at least 70%) with high transfection efficiency in order to ensure RNAi-induced phenotype to be observed. RNAi CROs provide RNA interference screens with siRNA and shRNA (short hairpin RNA) expression libraries (whole-genome or targeting specific gene family) to find out genetic effects and mechanism of action of pharmaceuticals and new medicines.

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